on Google Android

I won’t bet on Google Android yet.

Has Google convinced me that he understands the messy aspects of how to build a platform to allow third party development? For a platform to gain momentum, they really need some killer apps with it. The killer apps and platform is a chickens and eggs that need be solved at the same time. I am not saying Android cannot succeed, and Google maybe cooking something right under the cover. But, nothing is shown. Also, observed those who can do an killer app is not on-board. None of Sony, Nokia, RIM, MSFT, Apple are onboard.

Sun tried it with Java. It was a great platform, and Sun really know how to write good API and doc. But, …

Apple iPhone has the most proof so far. iPhone has succeeded as a killer app, and it invertible to become a great platform, even Apple tried to resist to become a platform. iPhone even has killer app using Google Map service. If Andriod gains any momentum, iPhone just need to drop the price.

Windows Mobile always has the old bags for the killing apps: Pocket Word and Excel, and most important deep integration with Outlook (Contacts, Calendar, Corp mail). The ability to stay in the game cannot be questioned.

RIM, Nokia and Sony are still making products that interest some segments of customer without Android. They’re probably going to stay in the game until they make very big mistakes on their own.