Java / Tomcat / Virtualization

I was talking about Virtualized Linux/BSD distribution with Java and Tomcat

And, I am glad to discover that it is there.

I notice before I made the previous blogs on December. However, until recently, they get to the price point that is very interesting: $20 a month.

For the price, I got my own virtual server, and we setup to run as many domain name as I want. To my surprise, it meets almost all my criteria. The HD footprint was about 63M with core linux, jdk and jre, iptables, tomcat, mail, ftp, mysql, ssh and various software. Additional software can be installed with simply checking a checkox. To my surprise, they also provide the XFree86 X11 Libraries. I tested that the JRE is able to utilize it. I was able to run a swing app on the virtual server and display the swing app on my home desktop.

The performance is rather unacceptable for interactive UI applications. I don’t except I need any kind of UI performance from a hosted server anyway. It also consider slow for shell, or ftp operations. However, it seems to work reasonably well for serving webpage.

The management software of eApps is provided by SWsoft. The control panel, HSPComplete is very intuitive. The Virtual server infrastructure, obviously also licensed from SWsoft.

eApps rocks! In term of features, it certainly beat my expectation. Highly recommended!

[Update June 24, 06] I update to the $30 plan, the performance of eApps are getting pretty good. Not sure if it is because of the plan upgrade, or is it because their ongoing performance improvment in general.

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