Flexible Rails (New Book on Ruby Rail and Macromedia Flex)

I am very excited to relay this news from Peter Armstrong:
Flexible Rails Alpha Version Released!

This book is about using Macromedia’s Flex 2.0 and Ruby on Rails 1.1 together. The book presents the technologies as a tutorial. It gives a brief introduction and covers entire Web 2.0 application development: front end (Flex), web tiers (Rail), database and installation. It goes beyond typical tutorial books that you actually got a working and usable application at the end.

Peter is a great friend of mine. He graduated from the UVic a bit earlier than me. He went to work in Bay Area (and back to the Northwest) a bit earlier than me. But, he learned to appreciate Macallan a lot earlier than me. He is an early adopter of technologies and very passionate software engineer.

Excellence job, Peter!

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