How can I talk to Kim?

Well, to get across the message about “portability”, first I have to suffer the lacking of it.

I was trying to add a link or a trackback to Kim's blog thread on
<quote>BBAuth and OpenID move identity forward</quote>

First, it wasn't a fault of Cardspace. I sent him a message using the message post page on his site on September 20. The message was not answered and I had no way to tell if it was problem of or a spam filter. (I wish he wasn't trying to ignored me. If I didn't ask the question in the right way, at least I think my idea was pretty original. He got to give me credit for saying something new. I bet.)

Now, his relevant post about BBAuth reminded me to try again. The private way didn’t work. Maybe it should be a blog-to-blog discussion to begin with anyway. He would read user comment on his blog, I said.

Ar, it required another login (not that required to send him a message). Maybe it was better, cus didn't work for me anyway. It was an annoying fact of life of the web without federated identity system.

Now, trying to post a comment, I got this:

Alright, I found no link for creating a new account. Tried with Firefox first. It tried to fetch info for the required plugin, but didn’t suggest me how to get CardSpace plugin with it.

Alright, let try IE then. It didn’t work. Hum, I thought maybe IE 7 would. I downloaded it, gave my trust to a Beta, and restarted my computer. (It was pretty scary indeed. The download page asked me to backup all data I had before I proceed to avoid losing of all my data.) And, going to the site again, it was what I got:
<quote>To install Windows CardSpace, install .NET Framework Runtime 3.0.</quote>

Another download (I think .Net is a big thing), another restart?, taking another risk of losing all my data?

At least before a new system is widely adopted, all I want to say is that I wish there is an easier way to get a message across.

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