Questions to Kim Cameron on Identity


I appreciate your work on identity and the way you devote it to the public.

I have a few questions (and some scattered ideas) about CardSpace. I have read most of document/demo/example on your site briefly, but other than that I am new to CardSpace.

Problem Space
I am looking at it because I am investigating on aggregating information for the same user from multiple sites that each use different authentication. (it is a personal project that I have been working on prior to joining the current company. :-)

Fixing Passport
My first question is the following:
What do you think about fixing Microsoft Passport, instead of introducing CardSpace. Please see my post on my blog:


The Laws
For the seven “laws” that you defined, many of them can be fixed without the radical from Passport to CardSpace.

For example, “User Control and Consent” and be built, so does “Minimal Disclosure for a Constrained Use”, “Justifiable Parties”, “Pluralism of Operations”.

Adoption of CardSpace
While I see CardSpace is a good solution in theory, I remain doubt about the adoption, even I aware Firefox and Sarifa demo was shown.

Accessibly that I am not willing to give up
I access my web email on work, home desktop, laptop, cell phone, and friends’ computer. All of them are running on Microsoft platform (including my cell phone), I don’t foresee all of them support CardSpace soon enough. For example, a friend of mine still use Windows 95, and my Windows smart phone is not upgradeable. I don’t think it is convincing for a user to move to a new mechanism to lose accessibly that he has already enjoyed.

Passport-like mechanism is not unique to Microsoft
In fact, other major portal is using similar authentication mechanism (forward to id server, request user/pass, forward back). They’re doing so in a more controlled manner and didn’t cause as much as bad publicity as Microsoft does. For example, use Yahoo id server to authenticate. I am not saying they don’t have security problem of their own. But, authenticating mechanism like Passport is already there and it worth the effort to fix it, instead of scarping it altogether.

Spoofing and Key Trapping
You mentioned a few time that Spoofing as a major problem. However, the concept of having a USB drive to store my CardSpace cards concerns me much more than spoofing. How can I trust a computer (in internet café for example) not stealing my entire Cardspace cards in my USB drive once I plug it in? If it require a master password to open my Cardspace card, then I need to concerns about key trapping software in a internet cafe.

To me, Key Trapping problem can safely solved by deposable password like those generated by a RSA token. But, Cardspace doesn’t address it problem, which also part of the adoption problem. (of course, RSA token has adoption problem of its own… because of the cost?)

What do you think about adoption?

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