Dreams of an "Engine Company"

Maybe Dreams of Engineers too!?

It is a well-made "commercial", feeling bad calling it so, but I don't know what else to call it. It definitely improves my perspective on Honda. Totally inspirational. I love it.

I think I am failing every day. Since the day I started the ideas on leafsoft.com, there had never been a day when I felt I finished enough. Sometime I lost to distraction; lost to urgent things that are not as important; lost tireless; sometime I just wanted to finish more; I struggle to become more productive, to ignore unimportant things, to find the right balance to allocate time between tools and end product, to stay focus (which is one of the hardest).

I doubt everyday am I smart enough for my goals. I think the differences between stupidity and admirable endurance are hair thin. One is you do exactly the same things and never stop; the other is you do almost exactly the same thing and never stop.

The video gave me a powerful push today. I know I won't finish as much as I wanted today. I know I am not going to settle for less. I tried to ask myself for less, I couldn't.

Thank Honda!