Microsoft Windows' franchise is getting weak on attracking new app

Three screens

Depsite repeatedly vowed to be the best of the 3-screens (computer, tv, mobile), Microsoft keeps being out-innovated in all three. And, developer is moving away.

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is selling on the promise of doing typical TV operation with ease and coolness, plus occasional use to browse the web, including Youtube and some peer-to-peer video has been the selling point. I picked a WMC over an XBox to keep Bluray in the same box.

I have been an advocate of "Windows Media Center", but I was considered to move away after the power-supply of my WMC dies. It was because the experiment has not been smooth. Playing a Bluray always requires me to use 3 remotes and almost everytime, a mouse. It is partially because of the 3rd party software. But, then WMC didn't give me a choice, because Microsoft didn't make one.

A friend showed me app on his Samsung Bluray player. VUDU's movie in HD-X at $5.99 is what I wanted

I watch very few movie at home (less than once a month), so I usually not deterred by a couple $ different on price.

Launching a VUDO demo video there is faster than me launching the Bluray that is already in my Bluray drive. And, I am not forced to watch over 5 min of junk which each Bluray disc force me to play.

Windows Media Center

Now, back home. Windows Media Center doesn't support VUDO.

Non it runs Windows on itself.

It has been a repeated theme that Windows are the last platform for anything cool. Hulu, Netflix streaming, Amazon streaming, and now